Groms & Gromettes Years 7-8

" Those who say they live in God should live their lives as Jesus did"

Jesus hung out with his friends, he learnt, he taught, he laughed, he smiled. At Groms, we aim to to live a life style like Jesus did and have fun as a family while on the adventure.

Groms & Gromettes offers plenty of fun activities, interactive sessions and fast-paced gospel teaching by our fantastic crew of youth and adult leaders. There are also regular social events, and the famous city wide AMPED camp, as well as DEEPER Camp. We also connect with young people through our in-school program. Call Cam Haylock (Youth Pastor) on 0278 474 737.

Groms & Gromettes Sunday meets at the 10.30am Service at Sumner School Hall  

Groms  ( Boys) Monday 6.15-7.15pm @Sumner School Hall, 6 Dryden St, Sumner with Cam

Gromettes ( Girls) Monday 6.00-7.30pm @ FUSE, Wakefield Ave, Sumner with Cassie

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Scumna Youth Yrs 9-13

'To live like Christ did'.

A family of young people that meet on a Wednesday evening from 7-9pm at The Union church, cnr Hardwicke & Nayland St, Sumner. Here we grow new and deeper relationships with each other and with God, through adventures in the out doors and also chill evenings indoors. 

Whether it's action packed activities, camps, social events, mission trips, Easter Camp, 'on the edge' discipleship or just hanging out, Scumna Youth is a great place for anyone.

On Wednesday evenings come and hang for an evening filled with eg skating,surfing, challenging speakers that cover a whole range of topics from the Bible to everyday life. Plus laughs as kids drink coke though socks and a whole lot more. The main thing is they can come into a safe environment where they can build relationships with the leaders and other ladies and gentlemen, and through these relationships get a deeper understanding of God's love and a personal relationship with God.

"God cares more about who you're becoming, than what you're doing."