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Group Resources

Downloadable Home Group Resources

These are home group resources developed locally which are available for our home group leaders. These files are downloadable via Google Drive links, simply click the link to access the content. These studies are text based (i.e.: no videos/audio).
You can download Bible study materials via the below links:
Gospel of Luke*
1 Peter                    Gospel of John*
Exodus                   Hebrews
Malachi                  Gospel of Matthew
*Based on a SumRed sermon series
You can also download Bible study material regarding various theological topics via the links below:
Ecclesiology          Wonder of Advent (women's study)


Online Home Group Resources

Bible For Life Tags: Exegetical; Videos; Text
‘Bible for Life’ material on the website is designed to include a combination of different learning approaches and levels of engagement. Several Biblical scholars have contributed to the development of the site. Link:

The Bible Project Tags: Exegetical; Thematic; Videos; Podcast
'The Bible Project' produces online animated videos that explain the Bible. It includes study series, online classes, podcasts, and other educational Bible resources. It is exegetical in style but in a highly accessible manner. Link:

Life.Church Tags: Exegetical; Topical; App-based; Videos; Text
Life.Church home group resources are a mixture of sermon-based studies and exegetical studies. They have developed for every book of the Bible and also host the YouVersion Bible App which id studies. Link:

Anthology Tags: Topical; Videos
'Anthology' is a collection of sermon based studies. There are also some videos designed for new groups to help members develop a sense of the purpose of home groups. The 'Starting Point' series is designed for newer Christians and is a home group version of Alpha.  ink:


Join a Group

Home groups are a great way to connect with others, develop authentic relationships, and learn more about following Jesus. If you’re serious about wanting to connect further with other people and about growing in a living relationship with Christ then homegroups are the thing for you. There are a number of different types of small groups meeting throughout Sumner, Redcliffs, Clifton, Mt Pleasant and beyond. These groups vary in style. Some groups are women/men only while others cater for specific life-stages and others are open to whoever is keen!

Home groups catering to young adults are hosted by different members of the church community. These groups cater for school leavers, students, and young professionals. They provide an environment to deepen relationships and learn more about following Christ.

Each year we also host limited space groups such as marriage enrichment courses and the Alpha Course. The marriage course is a fantastic way to invest in your most precious relationship while Alpha is for those who want to know more about the Christian faith. If you’d like to know more, or if you’d like to join a home group, please contact Rick at the office.