Sumner Redcliffs Anglican Church

Easter Devotions (whānau ed.): Day 5


These resources were sourced from 'The Network' and are designed to help parents & caregivers engage their young children in the Easter story. If you're looking for resources better suited for older children/teens, have a look on the StrandNZ site or check out our other blog posts which include daily animated videos.

BREATHE: Calm your head, heart, and hands as you slowly breathe in . . . and out.

READ: Luke 22:39-62

WONDER: Wonder why the disciples fell asleep. How do you think Jesus felt when all his friends were too tired to support him? Imagine that you’re Peter, a follower and friend of Jesus. After Jesus was arrested, what emotions would you be feeling? Why do you think Peter denied Jesus? Why do you think Peter cried?

PRAY: Think about a time when you did something that made Jesus sad. Begin a family prayer with “Jesus, I made you sad when. . . .” Then give everyone a moment to silently talk to Jesus. End the prayer with “Thank you, Jesus, for forgiving us. Thank you for always loving us, no matter what. We’re so glad you never leave us or get too tired for us! Amen.”