Sumner Redcliffs Anglican Church

An update from Emma Cowan in Japan

Kia ora church whanau!


I want to firstly thank everyone for your prayers and encouragement! Also to those who kindly helped me with funding. With your help I was able to afford the essential things for my small apartment and food to survive the first few months here, I can't thank you all enough! 


The first week in Japan was absolutely hectic and no stop, as over 1,000 participants, from around the world, also doing the JET Programme, went through a tedious but very necessary 3 day orientation in Tokyo. This involved a lot of different seminars on things such as how to cope with homesickness, Japanese law, culture shock and so much more. 


Once orientation was over, I was sent off by bullet train to Osaka, the city I would call my home for the next 2 or so years. I met my supervisors and the BOE I am working for. I am so thankful that everyone has been so kind and patient with me, and how much they have helped me settle into my new life. 


I am teaching English at two Elementary schools and I am mainly teaching the year 3's - 6, and during cleaning time ( yes, everyday after lunch they get the students to clean the whole school) I help the year1's and 2's. I cannot express how cute they are! The dialect here in Osaka is so strong, and it is really testing my Japanese skills, but I love it! 


It has also been so hot and humid, averaging 32° everyday almost! At 6am it's already around 27°! 


I haven't felt too lonely yet, or had a " Why God whyyyy!" moment yet, but I do miss you all dearly. Being away from my church family I have realized the value of having Christian friends, although I know God is always with me and how powerful prayer is, it's always good to have your church family there to keep you grounded sometimes. 


One thing I would like prayer for is finding a church here that I feel connected to and spiritually feed by.


Once again, thank you all so much! You continue to be in my prayers. 

Love you all, and God bless!