Sumner Redcliffs Anglican Church

Mission Month - Nick & Tessa Laing

"We are providing quality healthcare where there had been no healthcare before".

There has been a big publicity push lately through various social media outlets to recognise all the hard and fabulous work that Nick and Tessa Laing have been doing in Uganda & the medical work they're doing through OneDay Health. Please catch up on their news below.

It's a privilege to be connected to the Laings and hearing about all the outstanding work they're doing through Mission. Below is the latest video from Nick & Tessa, also if you click on the DOWNLOAD NEWS button you will catch up on their latest newspaper article written on them.

You can also listen to a recent interview with the Laings on Radio New Zealand via this link.

Throughout the month of September you'll be inspired and uplifted as we hear from our Mission Partners here at SumRed. What they've been up to and how they need our support and prayers. Please take time to read our Missions Brochure 2023 which are available at each of our services and take time to consider any financial support. This week we focus on Nick & Tessa Laing. To help contribute to Mission Month you can place Cash in an envelope marked Mission Month and place in the weekly offering or make a direct payment to the church account with Missions as the reference. Our bank details can be found under Supporting God's Missions on the website. Thank you!