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   "For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us  power, love and self-discipline…” - Paul                                      

OneDay Health


2024 found us a bit giddy with opportunity. while also being overwhelmed with the weight of our plans. In 2022 we treated our 200,000th patient. That’s two hundred thousand  people who were provided quality healthcare that wasn’t available  before. This year we again break new ground, launching a new hub of Health Centers in Western Uganda for the first time and also hopefully trialing our OneDay Health model in Malawi. With all this going on I’m not finding it easy to free up the time I need for OneDay Health while still working as a doctor, and managing the larger Diocese health centers, but I’m excited all the same. A huge thanks to our support churches St.Barnabas, All Saints, Sumner Redcliffs, St Aidans and Burnside Harewood for their amazing OneDay Health fundraising efforts last year.      



In 2024 Emma, myself, our hub managers and all the nurses working in remote villagers are going to need an abundance of that power, love and self-discipline.



                                 Myself,        Emma and the Acoyo OneDay Health Center team



Old Friends, New Life


For the last six weeks, we were blessed by a visit by one of my oldest friends Lyndon, who’s here with his wife Erin. Our bonds go deep, first at youth group where we first encountered the way. Then as young adults living in intentional community in Christchurch, figuring out what it meant to love your neighbour. And we’re still rolling. Lyndon is on our OneDay Health board and while he and Erin were here, they’ve designed a great management system helping us to manage the managers of our growing organization. They also opened our eyes as to what’s possible with a toddler. 9 hours of public transport packed into 4 different vehicles?  No problem. Charcoal stove on the ground with a toddler? No problem.  More than anything though, the joy of shared experience and the new life flowing out of that was the best possible way to start a new year.



       Joy in Learning


10 years ago, we started running English classes for kids from struggling families who were behind at school. These are our neighbours and friends, and our lives have been intertwined ever since. We started with high hopes for their education and futures, but it hasn’t been an easy road with many kids failing to progress past primary or early high school. Last week Olara walked up to us with a huge smile on his face – he scored 12 points in his primary school leaving exam, a first grade! The next day another kid Stewart came back with an even better score - a  9 point first grade. In the 10 years we have been here, these marks are by far the best of any kids we have supported, which is a huge joy and even a relief for their families. Olara will be the first kid in his family to ever reach high school! A huge thanks to all the generous supporters who have helped with their school fees up to this point.



With some kids heading to more-expensive high school, some of the kids wil help too so if you might be keen to help sponsor a child let us know.



Stewart (left) and family




Dr. Tessa!


We are overjoyed that Tessa passed her PHD with no corrections, an amazing validation of her work over the last 4 years researching the land conflict in Apaa.        In that time, the Apaa situation has transformed with complex intertribal conflict worsening. Over the next few months, Tessa will build relationships with key people on both sides, especially on the Ma’di side where she isn’t so familiar. This could be the start of a long and rocky road but we are blessed to be involved in this struggle.


Blessed are the peacemakers indeed, but pray for God to smooth the rocky road.




Documentary Recommendation


“Savior Complex” is a 3 part miniseries, which examines aid, good intentions and how it can all go wrong. The director keeps an even hand, while holding your attention with many twists and turns. An incredible story well told, available on HBO or Hulu (but not netflix).




Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!


An enormous thank you to so many of you who have given money to support us personally, OneDay Health and our community here. Our life and work here thrives through your generosity and God’s grace.



For those that pray


- Pray for Tessa’s work, and for faithful peacemakers to emerge on both sides        


- Pray that Olara and Stewart get into the best school possible


- Ask that we remain grounded and committed to our church and community as we feel increasingly stretched by our work.















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