Sumner Redcliffs Anglican Church

Politics, Elections & SumRed Church

A policy announcement regarding the sharing of political perspectives at SumRed Church.

This is a policy announcement regarding the sharing of political perspectives at church events and through church communication platforms this election.

As the election draws nearer politics is front and centre in the media. This can be a highly charged time, and rightly so as we prayerfully consider the future of our country.

Within our parish are people with varying political views, across all parties, with many of these views held passionately. 

Jesus and his twelve disciples changed the world while enjoying no political power whatsoever - they were living in occupied territory under Roman rule and so did not get to experience the democratic freedoms we so often take for granted.

You may recall that Jesus was tempted in the wilderness with the allure of political power and prestige. At another time he was offered the chance to be declared King of Israel, the outcome of which presumably would have been to wield authority and influence in the face of the Roman Empire.

And yet, in both cases, he eschewed from taking sides in the political melting pot of first century Palestine.

As such, SumRed Church has decided to take up the stance of Jesus by also being non-partisan. Church is a place where people from all political persuasions can find a spiritual home and be built up in their Christian faith.

For this reason we won't be endorsing a political party.

Nor will we let parish communication platforms to be used by parishioners to promote apolitical party.

You are of course free to express your passionately held views with each other and I wholeheartedly encourage you to debate the important issues that the election period raises in light of the witness of scripture and the leading of the Holy Spirit.

If you have any concerns regarding this you are welcome to approach either myself or our Churchwardens, Murray and Sue.

Nga mihi,

Harry Lokolong