Sumner Redcliffs Anglican Church

An Invitation to see Lives Transformed

An invitation from Rev. Harry

Recently, at the 1030am service, I shared how, for over 100 years, people like you and me have utilised their skills, gifts, and passions to be agents of transformation by serving others in our local church and our community. And how you and I, whether we’ve been here 5 minutes or 5 decades, we are here because of them and their counter-cultural love and selfless service.

And now it’s our turn.

I then asked you to give me an opportunity to introduce you to one of the best investments of time you’ll ever make.

An opportunity to meet other wonderful people who don’t have time but make time to make a lasting, transformative, impact on the lives of others.

I asked you to consider how you could give one hour of your time a week to help make this church environment the most irresistible, counter-cultural, environment in our neighbourhood.

Because there is so much need for transformation through the good news of Jesus: whether people know it or not. And by God’s grace, and with your help, together we can be instrumental in seeing that transformation take place in our community, our nation, and our world.

You can actually listen to my whole message below (if you're interested) which locates our story in the wider story of Jesus' transformative movement that kicked off in Jerusalem 2,000 years ago.

So, that’s my invitation. And it’s my hope and prayer that’ll you’ll accept it. And consider how you can serve for one hour hereat SumRed Church to help see lives transformed by the Good News of Jesus.

God’s awesome peace,

Harry Lokolong